DevelopmentinDepth unlocks potential in individuals, teams and organisations

At the heart of DevelopmentinDepth lies the systems psychodynamic approach: Creating new perspectives through a deepened understanding of the work role and organisational dynamics.

Founded in 2005, previously known as HRTM B.V., by Pauline van Noort. With the client’s company goals and values in mind, DevelopmentinDepth unlocks potential in and between individuals, teams and organisations to further develop and grow, both professionally and personally. 


We offer services for professional development: executive coaching & leadership development, talent coaching, team coaching, supervision and executive search.

Depending on the type and size of the assignment, Pauline works with a selected international group of experienced coaches and consultants, all trained in the systems psychodynamic way of working with individuals and teams.

  • Executive coaching & Leadership development

    In addition to their knowledge and competences, people bring their own mindset and emotions into the organisation. Effective leadership requires the capacity to combine intuitive and emotional insights with strategic plans and to engage with complexity

    Organisations are confronted with increased complexity which demands leadership adaptive to change. Themes like identity, societal relevance, business ethics, climate change, diversity & inclusion, new technology, next generation management are often leading. Furthermore the executive coaching of senior women leaders across industries has become an increasing part of our work. Pauline offers coaching for executives aiming to further enhance their leadership.  

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  • Team coaching

    At DevelopmentinDepth we work with teams providing a reflective space where, if needed more difficult dynamics can be explored and worked with. What is helping or hindering the team to fulfill their full potential? Typical examples of the work would involve; team development, leading change, implementing new strategy, difficult team dynamics, improving cooperation, diversity and inclusion. These are some of the examples where Development in Depth can contribute.

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  • Talent coaching

    In addition to the coaching of senior executives, Pauline has built extensive experience in the coaching of professionals having been identified as the future leaders in organisations. This is offered both indidividually as well as through tailor made leadership programmes. One of the aims is to contribute to the mutual understanding, acknowledgement of differences between different generations, cultures and dynamics in organisations. Talent coaching helps the client understand how these factors could enhance each other to stimulate change and innovation. 

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  • Supervision

    Group supervision - We lead peer supervision groups in organisations as a powerful intervention for learning from and with other collegeaus in organisations. The aim is to provide an interactive reflective learning space through group dialogue and to offer (thinking) space for each participants’ individual experience in role in the organisation. It has proven to lead to better crossdepartemental collaboration, awareness and understanding of group and organisational dynamics, an extended internal network and new inititiatives. The demand for this design has substantially increased based upon the achieved innovative results in organisations and leadership programmes. It anticipates the growing complexity and challenges in organisations and society. 

    Coaching supervision - In order to assure quality of executive coaches and consultants, supervision is essential, especially in today’s context where accreditation is relevant. Pauline is an experienced supervisor for coaches who wish to further develop their practice and reflect on current coaching and consulting clients. 

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  • Executive search

    At DevelopmentinDepth we have significant experience and success in helping organisations to find the right HR executives. Pauline’s blend of experience, knowledge and significant network has proven to be effective and through her distinctive approach she helps companies thrive by discovering new possibilities and the introduction of new leaders. 

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Pauline van Noort

Pauline is an international Business and Career Coach, combining 20 years of international experience in corporate services with psychological as well as organisational insights.

Her work is underpinned by substantive academic and postgraduate qualifications spanning the systems psychodynamic approach through to organisational consulting and business coaching. Read more

“I am fascinated by the dynamics between people and organisations. Which factors influence the development of individuals and teams in organisations? When can individuals, teams and organisations unlock their full potential and what might hinder this process? What is below the surface? Which unconscious dynamics influence and move the organisation? Together with the client I am keen to explore their pathways to thrive, both personally and professionally”

Pauline is passionate about leadership and team development: through years of working with business executives, peer supervision groups and leadership teams in complex environments and change contexts she has learned about what makes a difference. Having navigated the challenges of the organisational landscape, she dedicates herself to guiding others through their own journeys.


  • Postgraduate Diploma in Organisational Supervision, International Business School Hult Ashridge UK (2024 – 2025)
  • Doctoral level program ‘Qualification in Organisational Consultation’, Tavistock Consultancy Services (TCS) London, UK (2017 – 2020) accredited by Essex University
  • International Group Relations conferences (2011 – 2015)
  • Executive Coaching, EMCC certified, European Mentoring and Coaching Council, Tavistock Consultancy Services (TCS London, UK (2009 – 2010)
  • Exec-Master Systems Psychodynamic Coaching & Consulting in Organisations Utrecht University, School of Governance (2008 – 2009)
  • Postgraduate program Coaching & Consulting in Organisations Utrecht University, School of Governance (2005 – 2007)


Central to the approach of DevelopmentinDepth is the ability to coach at the intersection of organisational culture, values and goals. Subsequently we explore the more unconscious processes in the individual and teams within their organisations and the wider system. This provides valuable insights and leads to a better understanding of what might be going on. It enables leaders and professionals to use this as a source for change and development.

The client gains deeper understanding of their organisation as a system, and an enhanced capacity for using the full range of their experience as a resource for understanding their own and others’ behaviour.

The Systems Psychodynamic Approach

The approach to the work utilises a systems psychodynamic lens. Focusing upon the emotional and relational dimension of work roles, it helps individuals, teams and organisations navigate change. Creating new perspectives through a deepened understanding of the work role and organisational dynamics. Clients often refer to this distinctive added value of the coaching as part of their improved personal leadership.

Person, Role, Organisation

These three factors are interrelated. The focus here is the client’s organisational role, role being where person and organisation intersect. The question of the individual can never be disconnected from the organisational system or systems they are part of. After all, our personal experience is influenced by who we are, by the roles we take or get designated, by the organisation and its environment.


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